“Mail Art” is an art moviment strong of an experience developed since the Fifties. It draws its aspiration from the Fluxus group, a lively international movement that distinguishes itself for its creations ispired by the Neo-dadaist spirit. The goal of the Mail Art is to propose an art widespread out of the scheme of the system, approachable by everyone, that foster an exchange of ideas, using the postal service as a mean of communication producing a feed-back between the sender and the recipient. After the successful International Exhibition “From Neverland to Utopia”, Sicilia Journal introduces a new Mail Art Exhibit: “The Mountain of the Myth: from fire to poetry”. The aim is to offer to new artists the chance to re-elaborate, spread, represent, with every technique and on every kind of support, the concept of the “myth” linked with the image of the mountain, the fire and the poetry.
The mountain – since forever – symbol of the rift between the sky and the earth.The beginning of human culture coincides with the creation of external structures tendig to verticality: towers, artificial hills, pyramids, symbols of the ascesis from what is human to what is divine, symbols of the human desire to reconnect with a higher spiritual energy. The myth of the sacred mountain reflects the human nature and its necessity to elevate itself to wider psychic states. From an instinctive, pimordial state of being in which the Earth is the only reality known, the human being looks at the sky and sees the stars, becoming aware of its existence in a celestial dimension way bigger than the material one. Fire is a symbol of passion, maker of transformations, a dinamic element that purifies everything, the flame that lights up, keeps warm, gives joy and comfort. Mythology has always inspired poets and intellectuals and is in itself refined poetry.
Rules of the International Mail Art exhibition:

The partecipants have to make an artistic envelope containing only the personal details of the author. Those personal details have to be written in the space for the sender as well. Each partecipant can send more than an artwork using the technique one prefers (drawing, painting, collage, photography, graphic art or other artistic techniques).The partecipant can send a normal envelope or a postcard and paint it, write on it, use it as the base for a collage, etc. and send it writing on it the address as if it was a normal registerd mail. The artwork won’t be on a canvas anymore: the envelope itself will be a work of art.

The artworks have to be sent via mail by October, 15th 2015 to the following address:

Sicilia Journal,  Corso Sicilia, 56 – 95100 Catania (Italia)

The artworks have to inlude somewhere and in whatever language the text “The mountain of the myth: from fire to poetry”. Photocopies are not accepted. Only original artworks sent via postmail (and not e-mail) will be accepted. All the artworks will be shown and will be part of the freeExhibit that will take place in Catania in September.

It is not contemplated the creation of a jury to judge or rate the artworks, the sale of the same, their return to the authors. All the artists will be informed of the reception of the artwork if their contact details are written inside or outside the envelope.

The artorkws won’t be given back and all the received one will be shared via social networks (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc.)  For more information please contact: redazione@siciliajournal.it – www.siciliajournal.it


Rules of the International Mail Art exhibition_

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Determinata. Umorale. Contraddittoria. Parlare di me? Servirebbe un’altra me per farlo. Riesco ad analizzare, esaminare varie tematiche senza alcun timore, ma alla richiesta autoreferenziale, ecco la Maugeri impreparata! Caos. Ed è proprio in questo caos che trovo ciò che mi identifica, trovo stimolante tutto ciò che gli altri, per superficialità, ritengono marginale, amo trovare e curarne i dettagli. Credo che trattenere i pensieri e sentirli dibattere nella mia mente sia l’essenza della mia “devozione”. Amo scrivere, serve scriverlo?

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