Italian Police announced the arrest of 24 people (in a joint operation in Milan, Catania and Palermo) accused of playing a key role in a number of operation designed to transport migrants from Africa to northen Italy via Sicily.

Meanwhile, the survivors of the last, tragic shipwreck sailed from Malta to Catania, where they will arrive later tonight. Giving to the information already gathered by the Italian Police, the migrants on board were from Algeria, Egypt, Somalia, Nigeria, Senegal, Mali, Zambia, Bangladesh and Ghana. A Bangladeshi survivor hospitalised in Catania was questioned and said that there were 950 people on the vessel, aming them 200 women and 40 or 5o children; he added that many migrants were locked in a lower level and that they sailed from a Libyan port 50 km away from Tripoli.

As for now, greater importance is given by the Italian Cost Guard to the rescue operation rather than to the invastigations.