Are you just getting into the world of swimming? This Spanish Swimsuit brand has the best options and accessories for you. 

Turbo is a Spanish brand focused on aquatic sports, it has been on the market for more than 60 years which makes it one of the best options to buy what you need for your swimming practices and competitions. In addition, this company works with great quality materials that are obtained from local businesses, which makes it a socially responsible company. 

Swimming suits for everyone

People of all ages, sizes and preferences are getting into the world of swimming, and Turbo offers a great variety of swimming suits that can fit best for you and your loved ones. 

They have perfect swimming suits for men, depending on the style, they have swimming suits designed specifically for water polo, indoor or outdoor, synchronized swimming…

Women also need swimming suits that are suitable for their needs, which means that Turbo has different options as one-piece suits or two pieces suits (also named Bikini), that gets to their expectations, there are swimming suits designed specifically for the aquatic sport that you practice, and depending on your needs, for example wide or thin straps and even swimsuits that cover most of the back. 

But don’t forget about the kids, Turbo also has a wide variety of swimming suits for the little ones of the family. Swimming has lots of health benefits that can help kids develop in a proper way, which makes it important to have a line for them. Turbo presents all kinds of types, designs, colors and the price reflects the quality of their products. 

Which kind of swim cap fits me best?

To improve your swimming skills it is important to practice the proper way which means you should have the right accessories, such as goggles, ear plugs and swim caps. In this article we are focusing on the swim caps because Turbo offers two types, the silicone and the lycra ones. Having options means that there’s one of them that can fit me better than the other one. 

The silicone cap is more compressive, and this kind lasts more than the other one, it’s elastic and chlorine resistant. For many people these ones are too tight and make them feel uncomfortable, this type might not be the appropriate one for kids. 

Last but not least, Lycra cap is perfect for kids and for people that doesn’t swim on daily basis. Lycra is similar to fabric and makes it more comfortable but less compressive.